We were approached by a nice couple in SW Portland who wanted to completely remodel their bathroom. The challenge was to create a beautiful oasis of a bathroom off of the master bedroom in this Mid-Century house. They were looking for a more contemporary Pacific Northwest feel to closely match the rest of their beautiful home. After sitting down with our clients to carefully consider their interests and ideas, we drafted a plan that would fully realize their vision. In fact this finished bathroom would go on to win the Oregon Remodelers Association award for Bathroom Design/Build Out Award of the year.

The style we all decided upon had a distinctively Northwest feel with an overall linear style throughout. Evenly cut horizontal slate cut tile was installed with continuous grout lines from bathtub to the walk-in shower to emphasize this modern look and feel. We also utilized slate floors and a sleek finish to the shower area to continue the style. The unique glass wall separating the bathtub from the shower only added to the beauty of the layout.


Unique poured custom Fueze countertops were installed using hidden brackets and special framing to create a floating feel to it all. A see-through mirror with custom glass was installed to hide an fantastic outward facing window. Underneath we built custom freestanding bamboo cabinets that look like they’re suspended in mid air, giving the countertop and basin area a beautiful surreal look and feel.

The ceiling was created with NW cedar and complimented with beautiful recessed skylights for the finishing touches on what would become one of the more unique and fantastic bathrooms you’re likely to find in Portland.


Project Cha Master Bathroom
Project Type Update Bathroom
Location SW Portland


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  • Do you just remodel homes or also design them?

    Kaya can do both. We have built a tight knit team of architects, designers and craftsmen that can manage your project from the design phase to completion. If you have your own architect and designers, we can work with them.

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