Our client came to us with the idea of a complete overhaul and remodel of their contemporary Lake Oswego home and exterior patio. What followed was essentially a unique thing of beauty, designed and executed exactly as the client had hoped.

The client wanted their remodel to embody a modern approach in upgrading their living space by using unique and eco-friendly materials, earth tone colors and textures that would fit in, yet stand out, in their surrounding neighborhood.

The various sections of flooring were achieved through poured concrete, unique tiling & grout and natural wood floors throughout. Custom shelving in the Living Room was complimented with a tactful stucco rebuild of the existing brick fireplace. The truly inspired design of a sliding bamboo door built into the shelving unit to hide their wide-screen TV added a special flair to the room.

A highly customized metal table in the spacious Kitchen was accompanied by high end appliances, installed to create a fully modern contemporary feel in one of their most used living spaces. New modern guard rails were installed on the stairway and throughout the upper level of the house, providing the client even more open space and a great upper walkway to successfully connect both levels. The Bathroom was similarly upgraded to compliment the rest of the living area and to maintain the new textiles throughout.

A completely unique and custom designed sliding wall and door system was built to let in the maximum amount of light, while cleverly connecting the interior of the home with the outside and natural surroundings. These doors open up to the highly designed backyard and patio area, which was framed nicely with similar bamboo fence and screen to match that of the interior. Unique black 2” x 2” paved patio tiles were strategically laid out to complete the eco-friendly look and feel and to put the finishing touches on this beautiful modern remodel.



Project Lake Oswego Full Remodel
Project Type Full Demo & Remodel
Location Lake Oswego, Oregon


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  • Do you just remodel homes or also design them?

    Kaya can do both. We have built a tight knit team of architects, designers and craftsmen that can manage your project from the design phase to completion. If you have your own architect and designers, we can work with them.

  • Do You Offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

    Yes, Kaya stands behind its work 100%.  We adhere to closely industry standards to insure the highest of quality in our work.  We guarantee all of our houses from start to finish.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    Contact Kaya for a meeting to discuss the specific details of your project.  We’ll meet with you, craft an estimate and then walk you through the steps from planning to finish.

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