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We at Kaya Construction strive to serve our clients by giving them options that create or transform their home while creating a better environment for our planet before, during and after the building or remodel process.

Kaya was a pioneer in the world of Sustainable and Green products and was one of the first companies in the Northwest to implement related practices.  Our aim as a company has always been to help our clients become more informed and to help them in the conservation of our precious natural resources. Our work in the field has earned us LEED PLATINUM status as a builder.

What is a Sustainable or Green Home?

A green or sustainable home, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner. “Sustainable” or “Green” homes are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting health; using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and reducing the overall impact on the environment and our planet.

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Elements of Sustainable or Green Homes

– Protect and retain existing landscaping and natural features. Select plants that have low water and pesticide needs, and generate minimum plant trimmings. Use compost and mulches. This will save water and time.
– Recycled content paving materials, furnishings, and mulches help close the recycling loop.

Energy Efficiency

Most homes can reach energy efficiency levels far beyond regulatory standards, yet most only strive to meet the minimum. It’s reasonable to strive for 40 percent less energy use than mandated by law. The following strategies can contribute to achieving this goal:

– Passive design strategies can dramatically affect a homes energy performance. These measures include home shape and orientation, passive solar design, and the use of natural lighting.
– Develop strategies to provide natural lighting. Studies have shown that it has a positive impact well being.
– Task lighting reduces general overhead light levels.
– Use a properly sized and energy-efficient heat/cooling system in conjunction with thermally efficient walls, roofs and floors.
– Maximize light colors for roofing and wall finish materials; install high value wall and ceiling insulation; and use minimal glass on east and west exposures.
– Consider alternative and renewable energy sources.

Materials Efficiency

– Select sustainable construction materials and products by evaluating several characteristics such as reused and recycled content, zero or low off gassing of harmful air emissions, zero or low toxicity, sustainably harvested materials, high recyclability, durability, longevity, and local production. Such products promote resource conservation and efficiency.
– Reuse and recycle construction and demolition materials.

Water Efficiency

– Design for dual plumbing to use recycled water for toilet flushing or a gray water system that recovers rainwater or other nonpotable water for site irrigation.
– Minimize wastewater by using ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and other water conserving fixtures.
– Use recirculating systems for centralized hot water distribution.
– Install point-of-use tankless hot water heating systems.
– Use micro-irrigation (which excludes sprinklers and high-pressure sprayers) to supply water in non turf areas.
– Use state-of-the-art irrigation controllers and self-closing nozzles on hoses.

Healthy Homes

Homes with good overall environmental quality can reduce the rate of respiratory disease, allergy, asthma and other sick building symptoms. Choose construction materials and interior finish products with zero or low emissions to improve indoor air quality. Many building materials and cleaning/maintenance products emit toxic gases, such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde. These gases can have a detrimental impact on human and pet health. Provide adequate ventilation and a high-efficiency, in-duct filtration system. Heating and cooling systems that ensure adequate ventilation and proper filtration can have a dramatic and positive impact on indoor air quality. Prevent indoor microbial contamination through selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, provide effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, install adequate ventilation in bathrooms, allow proper drainage of air-conditioning coils, and design other building systems to control humidity.

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    Kaya can do both. We have built a tight knit team of architects, designers and craftsmen that can manage your project from the design phase to completion. If you have your own architect and designers, we can work with them.

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    Yes, Kaya stands behind its work 100%.  We adhere to closely industry standards to insure the highest of quality in our work.  We guarantee all of our houses from start to finish.

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